Feedlot Bulk Feeders

Designed for heavy-duty commercial applications

Self Feeders help your cattle gain weight faster and more conveniently. We build wooden¬†feeders in a variety of sizes to accommodate everyone from the small 4-H projects up to large feedlots. Compare our quality and great prices against others and you’ll see why you should choose an A-1 Cattle Feeder!

Feedlot Style (left) and Ranch Style (right)

8′ Stationary

12′ Stationary


16′ Stationary

Ranch Bulk Feeders

Designed for heavy-duty/commercial applications, the Ranch style is designed as a smaller feeder for smaller areas. 

Stationary with new style Creep Panels

Stationary with Creep Panels

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Pricing below is location specific and applies to Arkansas and Iowa locations. Please contact Idaho owner for local pricing.

Pricing effective 6/2020 and subject to change without notice. Please contact us for details.

Due to unprecedented ups and downs in the lumber market we regret that pricing on our site may not be accurate.

Please contact the appropriate dealer in your area for up-to-date pricing!


StyleSizeCapacityStationary PriceAdd Creep Panels 

FEEDLOT10 ft6,500#$1,595+$595
FEEDLOT12 ft8,000#$1,795+$595
FEEDLOT16 ft11,000#$2,295+$895
RANCH8 ft3,000#$1,295+$495
RANCH12 ft5,500#$1,695+$595