Exclusive HEAVY DUTY

Construction Features

Feedlot/Ranch/Portable Bulk Feeders

A-1 Cattle Feeders are sturdy built with pressure treated lumber, quality hardware and vertically-oriented roofing which drains well. Our feeders are built to last!

Vertical 2×4 studs run down between floor joists to securely anchor on main skid members. —NOT simply fastened to the floor!

Floor plywood is precision-notched to fit snugly around vertical 2×4 studs, and then caulked.

Adjustable feed flow control option.*
Wide open (above) and most restricted (below)
*Optional on all Feedlot and Ranch feeders; standard on portable creep feeders.

29 Ga. painted steel roof with handles on lids

Durable construction: 3/4” Treated Plywood, all treated lumber and corrosion-resistant fasteners

Center trough support on 12 and 16 ft. sizes

Lags in end walls, corners, and runners (5×5 runners)

Compare the QualityYou’ll see why you should go with A-1 Cattle Feeders!